"There is only one way of proving what you can do: Actually doing it." >>>>> Here are our core disciplines.

public relations

Development and realization of strategic and targeted PR concepts and campaigns are our daily business: the focus is always on building trust and image for the companies, brands and their products. Our commitment: to hit exactly the right note. In the Ger

online PR & social media

Digital, interactive, networked, and user-generated content. Social networks determine our everyday lives. This includes blogs, micro blogs, and social networks like Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook and others us as well as image and video communities

cross promotions

We develop individual cross promotion concepts, extending them into strategic partnerships. This opens new target groups and the value transfer is beneficial for all the brands and companies involved.


We realize a number of measures that accompany the PR activities: media, online and print advertising campaigns, events like fashion shows, POS activities, test trips, or newsletters for retail and end consumers are also part of our business.