Our strenghts

Motion pictures / cinema

Our work is individually customized and reaches the desired target group, no matter whether it's production press, EPKs or making-ofs, extensive media mailings (print, TV. radio or online), positioning of movies, media planning or promotional activities.

Home Entertainment

We guarantee customized press support in combination with all press activities or DVD premieres. Print, TV, radio and online are fully covered with fast sampling, consultation regarding the positioning of movies, media planning as well as coop marketing.

We translate passion into performance.


Plaid shirts are dead – long live the plaid shirts! Outdoor has long become a lifestyle, an attitude of life. Particularly for many city dwellers. We are at the head of the field, specifically when it comes to the following: outdoor (apparel, footwear, e

Active Sports

Commitment, bliss, enthusiasm; all the way to fanaticism. Athletes require the very best equipment and the right nutrition. We are particularly strong in these areas: skiing, snowboarding, swimming, running, skateboarding, surfing, fitness, sports nutriti


Bikes, parts, accessories, equipment, apparel. Mountain biking, road biking, urban biking... every genre represents a separate lifestyle – with its very own rules.


"Lifestyle" is not simply a catchphrase to us, but a description of products and services for a sophisticated and modern way of life. Our consultants live these passions and constantly exchange their ideas and expertise with the respective media.

Fashion & Accessories

Fashion does not exist without great emotions. Passion and feelings compete with rationality to get attention. The right dramatization is essential.


Catchword: escapism. There's barely a second motorized vehicle generating more emotions than the motorcycle. It's a movement that cannot exist without emotions. That includes hardware and software alike – bikes, equipment and accessories.

Textiles and Fibers

An exciting b2b market. Innovations and fashion trends need to successfully pass the practical tests of designers, buyers and manufacturers. Worldwide. We have top references, years of experience and best contacts with decision makers.

Curious for innovation

You can't find what you are looking for? Not all of our clients want to be mentioned publicly. Ask and challenge us.